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What Can I Do?

There are several ways we can help create - and enjoy - the society we want.

To happen to life, instead of life happening to us.

To live a beautiful, connected, ethical, fun, fulfilling and healthy existence, on our terms.

If your spirit is still intact and you understand the creative power we have, help The Garden grow.

Below is how you can team up with our world-leading non-for-profit societal model in which we stand strong and rooted in a self-sufficient place, from where we can offer courses, retreats, events, talks and free healthcare that changes lives.

As politicians, CEOs and trillionaires collude to poison, control and enslave, we - the massive majority - must avoid the illusory traps of fear and disenfranchisement.

Now more than ever, the human race needs to collaborate.


Accommodation, facilities and healing spaces for patients and service beneficiaries don't build themselves. We have the driven, compassionate person-power, but the project needs more funds. None of the healthcare or eco-builder volunteers come from financially wealthy backgrounds. Offline we have raised hopefully enough for the land, now we need the buildings and infrastructure. 

Through PayPal:

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Or with a card,

via our crowdfunding page:

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How Far a Gift Goes

€1: gives vital activity to the donations page and inspires others

€10: enough seeds to grow a vegetable for a whole community

€25: a large straw bale for animals or building 

€50: high quality vitamin C courses for 3 patients

€100: glass vats to make kombucha for visitors forever

€300: 1 large solar panel for off-grid electricity

€1,000: buys a large polytunnel, to grow organic food year-round

€5,000: pays for an entire little eco-house

€10,000: funds a covered communal structure 



You're considerate of others, skilled, fun,

have progressive ideas, vegan, friendly, energetic

and bringing doughnuts?

The Garden welcomes

Public speakers and influencers

Food gardeners





Legal advisers

Those who just want to lend a hand

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