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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Garden?

The Garden is a pioneering societal model, a community which serves as an example of how to live well - in balance, aligned with our own true nature. The Garden offers and hosts much-needed services and events: a free wholistic healthcare service, earth stewardship practices and educational programmes, a sanctuary for rescued animals,

group healing sessions, private therapies, retreats, festivals, and progressive and self-empowering courses. 

The Garden seeks to do no harm, and to do good. That is, to improve the lives of all who interact with it,

and to inspire honesty, health and love in our relationship with our selves, 'others', and our home planet. 
The Garden exists with the values and objectives of love, collaboration, permaculture, veganism (reducing harm, disease and the normalisation of violence), sovereignty, self-improvement, self-empowerment and joy. 

I want to help, what can I do?

Aren't you just a bunch of tree-hugging do-gooders who want to save the world?
Yes. Although, "the world" will be just fine, it's humanity that needs redirection and assistance. 
Click here to find out more. 

Can I visit The Garden?

Depends. Do you have cookies? Click here to find out more. 

How is The Garden different to other eco-villages and social models?

There are of course many ways to live, many societies, and many 'conscious' sub-societies, including The Garden. Some communities are truly progressive and operating with good ethics and wonderful goals. 
The Garden offers free wholistic healthcare from a wide range of caring experts.

As far as we know, this is currently, sadly, unique on our world.

The Founder-Director lived in 15 countries, worked in hospitals for 11 years, volunteered for charities most of

his working life, was a disaster zone first responder for 2 years, and has been a health adviser to 9 charities in

3 countries. This compassion, drive and love of life is the essence of The Garden,

attracting a wonderful team of similarly loving souls and dynamic people. 


If The Garden offers free healthcare, how can it financially sustain itself?

Therapists' time is free for seriously ill patients, and to rescued animals. The Garden will also run various courses, talks, events, workshops and retreats which are paid for and will help to enable the Garden to exist and afford materials, maintenance, equipment and machinery, medicines, seeds, therapists' travel expenses, insurance, etc.  
The Garden exists because of donations. Anyone can contribute and keep The Garden growing.

Service beneficiaries, visitors, online visitors, patients, and the public can donate. 

What stage of development is The Garden at?

Larger donors who recognise the human world's need for a societal model like this have agreed to contribute

100,000 Euros toward land purchase. Combined with the amount raised online (please contribute here),

this should be enough to secure land this Summer, 2021. 
Fundraising and further much-needed donations will then go towards the food garden (raised beds, irrigation, polytunnels, storage, seeds, etc.), buildings (houses, communal healing areas, spa, private therapy room, rescue animal area, firepits and wood stores, etc.), off-grid sustainable power systems, and other infrastructure features. The business plan details 7 prioritised phases of construction. As soon as the eco-building volunteers have finished the first wave of beautiful little Hobbity houses, and therapists are present, The Garden will open to the public. 

Why Portugal?

Beautiful healthful natural land in Portugal is relatively available and cheap. 
Most of the therapists have European passports.

The government, despite being a government ('mind control' in Latin) seems marginally more sensible and supportive of life than most others. For example, they award partial grants for food gardens to make it easier for

more organic real food to be available. 




Less-Frequently Asked Questions

What would be The Garden's weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse? 

A radionic love-cannon. Working on it. 

What is on Donald Drumpf's head?

It's known as an inverted-loop bidirectional hayweave. It's made from nylon-kytine polymer and crimped with a specialised glue made from fermented mole sweat and the collected residue left behind by moving snails. 

Can I love animals and also pay for them to be killed so I can eat them?


If it's not true with Granny, or your dog, it's not true with anyone else.

We've all been brainwashed by psychopathic societal norms. Obvious when you think about it.

What would be the most wonderful animal to scale up to the size of an elephant?

A bumblebee? Or dragonfly? Ooo a dragonfly. Elephant-sized elephants are already wonderful. 

Does my car have a soul? I shout at it if it doesn't start, somehow feeling it will help.

It has the imprint of your resonance with it. So the longer you have it, the more 'you' it becomes, and you have a soul

so its molecules increasingly interact with your aetheric body. It also communicates the energies of all its component elements, which you experience unconsciously. 

What would be a brilliantly terrible name to give my child?

Pustule Krakenwart. 
Or Michael Endersfull. If they're busy.  

If my four-year-old self suddenly found itself inhabiting my current body, what would it do first?

What’s invisible but I wish people could see?

Why have I not read the World Doctors Alliance website before now?

Is there currently an old now-destructive habit holding me back from following my heart -

from doing what deep inside I know I should do in order to uncover, expand, progress and discover?

How have I been using my “free time” and has that helped me feel inspired, vibrant, healthy and fulfilled?

Are my current habits for eating, drinking and exercising working for me or against me?

Am I holding any resentment towards others or myself?

How could I be of service for 6-12 months in a way that will make the world a better place?

What I am most passionate about in my life that I'd like to do more of?

If I die and find out this is the only life I get, will I be satisfied? 

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