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Image by Jernej Graj

the Garden


A very loving welcome to all.

As donations permit, the following facilities will be built.

All can be used inclusively by participants in events and courses,

on detoxification and spa retreats,

and are free to accepted patients with significant diagnoses. 

Communal Healing Areas

Covered healing spaces without walls, immersed in nature.

Join the group flow for qi gong, yoga, meditation, empowering talks and seminars.

Private Therapy Rooms

Self-contained detached walled structures built of feel-good natural, healthy and sustainable materials,

providing comfort, privacy and energetic safety in which to

let go, confront and engage with the self and any self-dishonesty and self-denial which planted pathological behaviour which created or allowed disease, and in this safe and guided state, receive (allowing for therapist availability):

naturopathy, massage, theta healing, homoeopathy, Chinese medicine, counselling, hypnosis, and other modalities.

Herbal Acoustic Steam Room

As far as we know the world's most profoundly affecting hot room.

A larger version of Koh Phangan's beloved Dome, built using sacred geometry by The Dome's original creator, a collaborator with The Garden (we love you Dave!).

Superheated air is filled with steamed fresh aromatherapeutic herbs in a precisely symmetrical whispering-gallery space that amplifies group bhajans.

The resonance inside is something that has to be felt to be understood..


Native American sweat lodge for ritualistic healing.

Natural Pool

No chlorine, no concrete, just oxygenating plants, Sun and cleansing bliss.

Cake Testing Station*
* This may or may not actually exist. But the organic kitchen will,
  and it will sometimes have cake. Which can be tested. OK so it will exist.