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The Garden

The Garden has been necessary for a long time.

Its roots go deep because it is the collaborative response to our wanting something that feels more right - a way of life more meaningful, natural, fulfilling and connected.

The Garden is a world-leading social movement based on real health, symbiosis with our home planet,

compassion, and skill-sharing and skill-development, brought into being by over a hundred people with expertise and experience in varied healing modalities, ecological building, and social entrepreneurship.

We are a progressive permacultural community and retreat space built around a radical and much-needed new healthcare model: results-based wholistic medicine, offered by a team of passionate voluntary staff chosen for their varied therapeutic specialisms, without a price-tag. For those needing inpatient care, accommodation will be provided for as many as donations allow us to build for,

in modest eco-houses spaced for peaceful privacy in beautiful and healthful natural surroundings.

Food is organic, grown on site, and prepared by naturopathic vegan chefs from garden to plate.

We are a team of 120 (and growing) collaborators and are currently at the stage of scouting for ideal land, and fundraising for the buildings and infrastructure. We have the people, the skills and the resolve. Help put us to work.

The Garden utilises over a thousand years’ combined healing experience across 23 disciplines, for a happier and healthier standard of authentic living.

We invite you to a societal model more suitable for humans.

Welcome to a better world.

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Why is significant social change needed?

Both deep instinct and logic tell us the human world is upside down, and not by chance.

Since the rise of unloving and megalomaniacal rulers, we have let them design, manipulate and normalise all aspects of our society, lives, opinions, beliefs and behaviours. With a wealth of long-practised knowledge of exploitable human behavioural weaknesses, everything possible has been done to make us forget or deprioritise the ways and skills to live well, in applied wisdom and joyful balance with our selves, our peers and our home.

The true problem is not too many humans on the planet. The true problem is too many humans behaving destructively. Falsely, unnaturally. On the whole we are systematically lied to, misguided, unaware, disempowered, enslaved, damaged and disconnected. Sculpted to be mentally troubled, unsatisfied and grasping at compensatory habits and hollow gratifications, forever on a treadmill chasing false idols and unsatisfying goals. We forgot the awe, power, and interactive and creative nature of life - of objective unprogrammed reality - and became sleeping giants.

Along the way, without even cognising it, we learned to see people as others, animals as objects to eat and wear, trees as wood, life as time, time as money, body as mystery, thoughts as self, and self-determinism as lost.

The Garden provides a solution that addresses these ills of designed mainstream society. Self-sufficiency in healthy food, water and electricity is now both essential and urgently needed. Radiant positive change and creativity can be far more easily affected by resonant groups when essential resources are secured and not externalised. The Garden is non-competitive, and wants to be copied. 

Every lazy convenience, fearful acquiescence, compromise and self-deception we have chosen, has birthed and supported the unhealthy suboptimal system in which most of us now find ourselves. This realisation of causal responsibility is daunting, but also profoundly empowering, as we then engage with the knowledge that we have the same sovereign power to birth something better, a system more consciously loving and wholistically successful.

To the best knowledge, abilities and imagination of the combined hearts and heads of all involved, that system is The Garden.

Visiting The Garden
Visiting anchor
Why don't we find elephants hiding in trees?
They're really good at it.

Now The Garden needs donors, fundraisers and Portuguese lawyers. As per our business plan including 7 development stages, we should have the land in Summer 2021. Then we'll need eco-builders and extra hands.

We have a team, but the more the merrier and the quicker.

Accommodation and a productive food garden should be accomplished in Summer 2022.

At that point there will be 3 main ways to interact with The Garden and its wonderful services: 

As a service-using guest 


Stay tuned for updates and offerings. We will be running:


Courses - permaculture, eco-building, health education in various modalities, yoga, self-empowerment, cookery
Events - group therapies, music and healing festivals, healing ceremonies, weddings 
Retreats - spa, detoxification, nature immersion
1-to-1 therapy sessions - click here.

As a collaborator 

Click here, then contact us if you think you're a good fit. Wim Hof and Michael Greger, you get a fastpass  

As a patient

Those suffering from significant illness can get in touch and share evidence of diagnosis. If therapists are available and agree to initiate treatment, the patient can visit as a day-visitor.
If necessary and if all parties (patient, therapists and management) agree, a patient can also be treated in The Garden as a resident for a set time, and therefore accommodated in one of our eco-houses. 

All patients can benefit from all available healing modalities from all available and appropriate therapists, and all beautiful features of The Garden (which will expand over time with funding), free of charge. 

All therapists providing patient care will be unpaid for this function. This ensures incorruptibility (no big-pharma involvement or monetary coercion) and also purity of motivation of the staff. Essentially, those volunteering to see patients in The Garden do it because we love, and because we know it's right. 
Free wholistic healthcare has been a core value and planned function of The Garden since its inception. We believe love, compassion and empowering education in honest and effective medicine are entwined and essential parts of a successful human life.

Donations are most welcome but will certainly not be insisted upon. Donations are what brought the valuable, wonderful assets of The Garden into being in the first place, and are needed to sustain its existence. 


Any high-ranking politicians, multinational CEOs, or pharmaceutical or petrochemical representatives wishing to visit will first complete the Hare's Psychopathy Test. Then be given a year of self-development homework to do, requiring filmed proof of completion. Then a new Hare's Psychopathy Test. Then we might ask you to do a long and ridiculous dance for us, just for fun, just like you made us do until we remembered who we are and stopped. 

Why don't we find elephants hiding in trees?
They're really good at it.
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